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local time here is:

Contacting Mac Medicine

we offer remote support world-wide
via screen sharing for Mac & PC users

onsite support (house calls) is available in Austria – Vienna

iPhone: +43 664 9900 475 and eight
Email: support@macmedicine.org

Preferred communication

with iPhone users: iMessage
with Android users: WhatsApp

Billing and Availability

How do you bill?
For new clients first support session is prepaid via secure online invoicing. Rates depend on the service, and we charge in 15 minute increments with a one hour minimum retainer.
If I don’t use the full time in a session, can it be saved for later?
Unused session time is good for one calendar year from date of purchase.
When can I get help?
Usually we are able to schedule a support call / screen sharing for the same day.
How much you charge for immediate Emergency Assistance without a scheduled appointment?
The rate is the same at any time of day or weekend, as long as it’s scheduled ahead.
If you need emergency assistance during evenings or weekends we charge at a double rate.
Do you have a subscription plan?
Yes, please contact for more details.