should I upgrade to Big Sur?

do you need some excitement and potentially brick your Mac for good?
just go ahead!

Last year when Catalina was released, the initial builds had a huge flaw – many users have experienced loss of mail data who used the that’s part of the macOS. Now if you have 15 years of email on your computer, not even God can find those randomly missing emails.

This year Apple engineers have prepared a special Christmas present for some users: the installation fails at some point, and your Mac shows no sign of life anymore – it’s bricked.

Why am I saying it’s a Christmas present?
Because of Covid both official and independent repair stores are overcrowded, and there’s a waiting line of 1-1,5 month at many places. Some Mac owners are getting an appointment for January already, however it’s not even December yet.

At first it seamed that Big Sur is bricking MacBook Pros that are manufactured between 2013-2014, but there’s a report from 2016 MacBook Pro and iMac users too.

Previously Catalina damaged the T2 chip on noticeable number of newer machines, making it impossible for the Mac to charge itself, but even on older ones without the T2 it managed to corrupt the SPI ROM that needed to be reflashed – this is not something an official repair center offers as it requires soldering – a technique only independent repair shops do. If you took it to an official Apple certified repair center, you most probably ended paying for a new motherboard.

By the symptoms it looks like Big Sur is doing it again.

You’ve been warned!

As always: do not even think of upgrading to Big Sur before spring until all major bugs are resolved, and make sure to read our previous post on this topic as a Golden Rule.