fix AirPlay mirroring lag

In this post we will show how to fix Airplay mirroring lag that some of you may experience.

Our client’s computer is connected to a router by a gigabit Ethernet cable. The router creates two Wifi networks, one over 2.4 and another over 5G. The Apple TV 3 generation is connected to this network over 2.4 GHz.

Our client have tried everything, but the mirroring of a movie to Apple TV constantly had frame drops, like every 2 second it stopped for about 0.5 sec.

Others have tried various things like replacing router, changing cables etc. but one key point was missed.

We have tried the following:

  • switching from 2.4 to 5G on Apple TV – still no luck
  • connecting the Apple TV to the router over Ethernet cable (this turns off Wifi on Apple TV automatically) – still no luck
  • turning off BlueTooth on Apple TV
  • we have connected the Apple TV directly to the laptop over Ethernet – and voila, no more lag. This is where we got suspicious about the router

…so we connected the MacBook Pro again to the router and unplugged the Ethernet cable from Apple TV > it switched back to WiFi automatically.

Then we went to Apple / System Preferences / Network… selected Ethernet.. clicked on Advanced… Hardware…

Here you should switch from Configure: Automatically to Manually

…we only changed Duplex from:

full-duplex, flow-control, energy-efficient-ethernet


full-duplex, flow-control

…and there’s no more lag and skipped frames!