install wget on macOS

wget is not installed by default on macOS. The easiest is to get it via brew. For that we need to install brew first.

Enter the following line in Terminal:

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

…and enter password when asked for.

Once brew has been installed let’s continue with wget – also enter in Terminal:

brew install wget


based on experience if you issue the above command as soon as the installation of brew has been completed, you will get an error message. Please wait at least 1-2 minutes till the OS adapts to the recently installed elements and only then issue the “brew install wget” command

and finally a sample command to use wget:

wget –execute=”robots = off” –mirror –convert-links –no-parent –no-check-certificate -R “index.html*” -c –tries=inf <link_to_host>

-c   this tag will continue the download if it has been stopped

–tries=inf   this tag will try to resume the download indefinitely if the connection has been broken