MacBook Pro dust cleaning

The MacBook Pro is the top of the line of Apple’s laptops, faster and stronger than the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air was designed primarily for office work, while the stronger MacBook Pro family for creative work.

There are 3 models:

a) the 13″ model with a GPU integrated on the CPU

b) the 15″ model with a GPU integrated on the CPU, but with a bigger battery = longer battery uptime

c) and the most powerful model that has an additional GPU, hence it has 2 fans = 2 times more dust circulating…

There’s a main difference in usage of a computer. If used for office work, the processor and the graphics card are not overused, therefore the speed of the fan in slower and less dust is collected by the computer. Computers used for creative work tend to fill up with dust 2 to 3 times faster.

Word of advice

Do not risk the health of your expensive computer by cleaning it with compressed air can.

The cold air from the can might freeze the motherboard or some of the components and create micro-cracks Hardware repair shops use compressor for this task by purpose.

You should take your MacBook Pro regardless the model to an Apple repair shop for cleaning every 24 months, but at least every 3 years.

Let’s be honest: how much money do you spend for cleaning your car?
Your computer deserves the care too.