should I upgrade to macOS High Sierra, Mojave?

Let’s ask it this way: what’s the right time to upgrade to any newly released operating system? In short: about 6 months after the initial release. Let’s see why!

At this moment 10.3.4 is the latest release of High Sierra, but from previous experience we know that Apple makes about 6 rounds of updates to every OS, therefore 10.3.6 will be the last one. We also know that almost every bug and incompatibility is fixed with the 6th round.

In corporate environment where your computer is part of a network with file and application servers etc. it’s best to stick to 10.2.6 until 10.3.6 is released, and only then upgrade to High Sierra.

If you are an individual – free like a bird – then try to wait until the 3rd round is released, and then upgrade to the newest OS.

so the pattern is:

10.x.0 – a definitive no-go! lot’s of bugs and incompatibility, instability waiting for you – you’ve been warned!
You will most likely want to downgrade to the previous OS after one week – have a Time Machine backup ready.

10.x.1 – still lot’s of bugs, better have a test computer for this, don’t use it in a production environment

10.x.2 – major bugs have been fixed, still wait for the next one if you can, curiosity is not worth it

10.x.3 – ok to go if you must – time to test with more than one computer in a corporate environment

10.x.4 – usually safe to go – compatibility issues and driver bugs are all fixed at this stage – now it’s usually 6 months after the initial release of the current OS

10.x.5 – almost perfect

10.x.6 – ok to upgrade each computer in the company