SSD upgrade for MacBook Air

We wanted to upgrade the storeage space of a MacBook Air with a bigger SSD, so we decided to give the OWC Aura Pro X  a try, as we know OWC to be a reliable brand. Well, it was a huge slap in a face.

If you need more space in your MacBook Air, you have three options:

1. upload everything to the cloud if possible

2.  buy an SD card for $197 Euros from Amazon, like the Transcend JetDrive Lite 256 GB and insert it into the card reader slot

3.  replace your existing SSD with a bigger one – this is the most expensive option

OWC used to make quality products, but theire recent product for this purpose the OWC Aura Pro X is something to avoid. Our very first purchase proved to be defective, and you can read reports from dozen of other custumers complaining – therefore we asked for a refound.

Luckily, there are other reliable alternatives, like the Transcend JetDrive series.